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SITCO offers an Eco friendly pillow better in quality & shape which is a great support and comfort to the neck. It is a supple and comfortable place to lay your head on. It bends and moves easily and is gracefully flexible and is ideal for yoga. SITCO bolsters are stuffed with coir fiber and natural latex. Cotton fabric is used for the cover which is removable and easy to wash. Soft stretched cotton core gives the skin a comfortable feeling when in use. The fragrance of LANOLINE is applied for eliminating bad odor. It is a fabulous decorative item for any living room. Because of its flexibility it can mound into every part of body which needs support easily. It keeps you warm on cold days, or outdoor and camping use. This product is 100% natural,


Base Sheet : Coir Fiber and Latex
Micro Capsules : Fragrance of LANOLINE
Cover Fabric : Removable cover 100% Cotton
Fabric Color : White
Size : 55 Cm x15 Cm
Options : Sizes can be customized according to the requirement of buyer
Use : Neck, Travel, Massage, Sleeping, Camping