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Yoga relaxes you physically and mentally. A relaxing place is essential to perform Yoga properly. SITCO provides a 100% natural product made of coir fiber and latex. The natual spring quality and the power to absorbe moisture and anti dust makes coir an effective product to make mattress. Coir has moisture reducing and ventilating abilities which gives the user a calming effect and complete relaxation. This special purpose coir mattress’s anti-dust quality makes it excellent for those suffering from dust allergy. Apart from use as a Yoga mattress it can be used as a cooling pad or cushion. Usage : Place on pillow and bed covering, cushion it on chair, couch and car seats, use in tents during summer camps, use as a cool picnic spread, use for pet cushions, use as a yoga spread and Laptop heat absorbent.


Base Sheet : Coir Fiber and Latex
Micro Capsules : Fragrance of LANOLINE
Cover Fabric : 100 % Cotton removable cover
Cover Color : Green
Zipper for cover : Good quality
Size : 120x60x1 CM