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The coir mattress is rubberized for resilience and is covered with a completely natural removable cover as it is made to last long. Coir has a moisture reducing and ventilating ability which gives the sleeper a calming and cooling sensation and complete relaxation. Coir is very supportive when put in mattresses because it has natural spring quality. Coir Mattresses are dust proof and excellent for those suffer from allergies. Coir is made from natural fiber hence it is environment friendly and chemicals are not used in the manufacture of this product. Coir mattresses provide a firm support, which is medically recommended for sound sleep. The Fragrance of LANOLINE is applied for good breathing also acts as an antimicrobial.


Base Sheet : Coir Fiber and Latex
Micro Capsules : Fragrance of LANOLINE
Cover Fabric : Removable cover, 100% Cotton
Fabric Color : White / design
Zipper for cover : Good quality
Size : 200cmx110cmx7.5cm
Options : Sizes can be customized according to the requirement of buyer