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FUNEX Professional by SITCO is a high quality pillow that is designed for the dead bodies and the sick. Death is an uninvited guest which intrudes without any prior notice. Though death is unavoidable, there are certain things that we can do for the deceased. Funeral pillow is one of the many things of which should be of concern. This innovative product serves the noble intention of availing a respectful tribute to the dead. Funex pillow gives out a powerful and pleasing jasmine fragrance thus neutralizing bad odor. It is 100% biodegradable and completely environment friendly there won’t be any negligible threats. Funex will not release harmful toxic gases in case of fire and is completely environmental friendly and recyclable. The product is the combination of 70 % Coir and 30% of natural latex and available in two models.


Base Sheet : Coir Fiber and Latex
White Pigment : High quality pigment for the durability of the product
Microcapsules : Fragrance of Jasmine acts to neutralize bad smells.
Cover fabric : Removable cover 100% Cotton
Fabric color : White / Color
Zipper for cover : Good quality
SIZE : 30x20x5 CM and 40x30x5 CM
Option : The size can be customized as per the requirement of buyer.